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What clients say

'You have been great and I'd love to work again with you' - Real Estate solution support, Italian corporate client

'Reading through your report I see many things that make me happy!' - Economic development client

'You have been vital to this deal' - M&A transaction, Japanese corporate client

'By bringing that difficult task to a successful conclusion, you have saved me from a long-standing issue, I am very grateful and will not easily forget what you did for me' - Real estate transaction, private client

'It was a pleasant experience working with you, we now have a solid plan for our commercial approach of the German Market, surpassing our expectations' - Market entry, Port Authority

Client groups

Private companies looking for new markets and partners in countries such as The Netherlands, Germany, Japan, China and Taiwan

Private parties who want to acquire or dispose of real estate, select a location or opportunity, develop a strategy and/or require hands-on support

City governments, Port authorities and Regional development agencies that want to position themselves powerfully in order to attract new economic activities, trade, visitors and investors

Regional network organisations who want to define their business model and develop shared future scenarios in order to provide a strong basis for cooperation among stakeholders with policies that are prepared for the future

Client cases

City of Schiedam - Development of an acquisition strategy and action plan for its Maritime and Offshore Innovation cluster, jointly executed with ARCUSplus.

Hamburg Invest Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft - Regional development company; development of a strategic concept and an operational plan for the Dutch market, jointly executed with ARCUSplus.

Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Noord-Holland Noord - Regional development company, strategic and operational support with regard to the positioning as attractive location for and acquisition of activities of foreign companies for its four defined focus sectors and clusters, incl. renewable energy and hydrogen.

Engie Refrigeration GmbH - German supplier of cooling machines, sales- and service partner search in the Netherlands.

Port of Amsterdam - Deepening analysis of market opportunities and concrete actions focused on the development of the potential of the German market.

Leading International Architect - Site selection support to identify a new own location in the Netherlands, as well as support with the establishment of an office and the foundation of a corporate legal entity in Hamburg.

GLM - a young Japanese EV motor company was interested in a Dutch company. Karres Development Advisory established contact and successfully raised interest for cooperation, selected legal specialists and supported the Japanese client throughout the M&A up until deal closure.

Various corporate clients - needed location- and real estate solutions. A location strategy and location selection criteria were developed and discussed with the client. Negotiation support provided added value for the client, both in terms of time and money.

Brabant Development Company(BOM) - needed market research and background information on two sectors in the German States of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. This need arose from BOM's relatively new task of trade promotion. The result underpins the importance of these strategic markets and encourages Brabant entrepreneurs in the relevant sectors, high tech systems and materials an life sciences, to focus on these markets.

Province of Gelderland - wanted to develop a joint cross-border vision for the development of the logistics sector together with the German State of Northrhine-Westfalia. In cooperation with Jester a joint business model canvas was developed for the analysis of conditions, value propositions and economic clusters, leading to detailed recommendations. Parallel to this project the Province of Gelderland was supported with its representation in the State of Northrhine-Westfalia.

WFIA (regional development agency) - required to create awareness for the attractiveness as R&D location for a Korean company. This was done by identifying and comparing key competences of the local Technical University (TU Delft) with core development needs of the prospective company. The project resulted in a concrete and tailored proposition. The result of the process was that contacts have been established and were informed with a proposition at corporate international-, European R&D- and local business level.