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The world is opening up at a fast pace. The ways to connect are endless. Both companies and cities or regions need to connect to global developments and to connect to the right parties. This requires in-depth consideration about the position of your own region, in relation to opportunities and market developments.

To understand developments and to distinguish relevant external uncertainties require thorough research and understanding as a solid base. In the meantime these insights and values need to be honestly shared in a personal process in order to be able to take joint action to benefit from new developments, especially in an international context.

This used to be the terrain of multinationals and leading economic powers. Acting on different economic scales is not naturally given yet for every economic region or every medium sized company. In today’s world existing hierarchies can crumble overnight and small players can grow or bind together to become leading forces. Small and starting companies have the potential to act on a large or even global scale. Small cities or regions can become leading economic centres for specialized activities.

No matter which development or culture, to add common sense, clarity and a human touch is often what it takes to put you in the right gear to get things moving.

"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea."

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

About Karres Development Advisory

Karres Development Advisory provides support to clients for a variety of market entry and international business development projects. Understanding the environment, a pragmatic approach and personal touch provide added value for clients. Strategic analysis, action plan development and hands-on support are the basis for client projects. With know-how, tools as well as developing a joint yearning new roads can be entered, mindsets can be changed. Karres Development Advisory was founded in 2013 by Marcel Karres and operates from the Amsterdam area in the Netherlands.

Multidisciplinary and international experience is deployed for clients to identify and enter new directions to attract addtional business, users or investors, to achieve growth. Strategic insight, bridging cultures, understanding innovative technology, understanding international business drivers and a hands-on mentality are key assets to the benefit of clients.


With a background in engineering and business management Marcel Karres worked for the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs and the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency from 1992 – 2005. During this period he was assigned as Economic- and Industry Attaché for almost nine years to: Germany in Stuttgart; Japan (オランダ経済省 企業誘致局) in Tokyo and Osaka; Taiwan in Taipei. After that period, for a period of over 7 years at EY (Ernst & Young, Transaction Advisory Services) he was responsible as project manager for a variety of projects in the field of International business expansion and location and site selection for multiple private companies, both multinational companies and small and medium sized enterprises. This experience covers many industries including: logistics, renewable energy, clean-tech, Materials, IT, food, agro, life sciences, automotive, machinery and creative industries. At EY he was also responsible for a large number of economic development and acquisition support projects for Dutch, German and other public entities at different regional levels.

Client benefits

▼A strong network among companies, governments, knowledge institutes and intermediary organisations;

▼Flexibility and diversified expertise through the cooperation with qualified partners in the field of market entry services, financial and other services such as tax and legal;

▼International business development and location and site selection for private companies in various industries such as: food, agro, life sciences, clean-tech, machinery, renewable energy, automotive, IT and creative industries;

▼Strategic and hands-on support

▼Investment promotion and economic development for public entities such as city, regional and national governments.

Marcel Karres

Karres Development Advisory