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Solid base and spirit to jump for new ventures?

Karres Development Advisory supports companies and public organisations with the development of new business activities by providing area marketing and city strategies, effective action plans and hands-on support, which gives these clients a jump start in new markets.

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Market Entry

Why and how to start in a new market e.g. in the Netherlands, in Germany, or in Asia?

Can I find potential cooperation partners and how do I raise their interest?

Who can save me time to make tracks or to take initial steps?
How to get hold of the right information and to validate your information, finding the right partners for your business case, there are many questions to ask...

This is where Karres Development Advisory reaches you a helping hand.

Area Marketing and City Strategy

Why do users, visitors or investors find our area attractive?

Do we fully understand the business model of our area?

How do we include stakeholders to contribute to future proof policies for a prospering area?

Bring together corporate, public and institutional stakeholders by looking ahead, map out relevant uncertainties and provide tools for adequate action, whether it is for a clustermarketing initiative or to develop broad longterm future scenarios, this is the field where Karres Development Advisory lends a helping hand.

Karres Development Advisory offers

▼International business development and location and site selection for private companies in various industries such as: food, agro, life sciences, clean-tech, machinery, renewable energy, automotive, IT, and creative industries

▼Investment promotion and economic development for public entities such as city, regional and national governments

▼Strategic and hands-on support

▼Flexibility and diversified expertise through the cooperation with qualified partners in the field of market entry services and city strategy

▼A strong network among companies, governments and intermediary organisations